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  • Kansas City
  • United States

Ahhhhh…. Finally Halloween is coming!!  What better way to celebrate our most cherished holiday then to honor a great horror icon, Bela Lugosi. His portrayal of Count Dracula forever engraved images of darkness and romance into pop culture. October 20th is his 137th birthday, and we will throw a   Dracula inspired costume ball that is sure to raise the dead.  So, dust off your capes and bare your fangs with us in the parlor from 7pm – 10pm in his honor.

Early bat tickets are $20 available until 10/10, after 10/10 tickets will be $25 so save and get them early. Your ticket includes the following:

  • Sink your teeth into mouthwatering vampire themed bites.

  • Quench your thirst with our signature potions (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) crafted by especially for this event.

  • DJ Stevie Cruz will be playing the darkest tunes that will satisfy event the wildest creatures of the night.

  • Vampire themed photo station for selfies and photos with the fang-tastic Michael McQuary will transform into the Dracula and will be taking photos with his darklings.

  • A complimentary photo of you with Dracula or your friends that you can take home that night.

So, friends; “Welcome to my house.  Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring”.