Come celebrate Noir Arts and Oddities 4th anniversary by joining us as we create a mandala that generates gratitude for the community we’ve created and manifests abundance for the many years of business and servitude to come.

“Mandala” is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning, “healing community, universe, magic circle.” Noir has provided a community for those of us with a fondness for mysticism and the macabre and who aren’t afraid to honor the shadowy mysteries of life. The mandala ceremony will be facilitated by Tiffane Friesen of Epiphany with Tiffane and will be created in a collaborative effort by event attendees.

We ask that participants bring a small offering of flowers, other nature items, or small trinkets that symbolize your relationship with the Noir and the occult (please note that items will be left in the mandala and will not be returned). We look forward to sharing our hearts and hands with you in this experience as we celebrate where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going. We want to thank you for being part of our journey and we're excited to see where we’re headed…together.

This is an open community event, we have 2 ticket options, Standard Attendee $8 (in store, at door, online) pay what you can attendee (please use this option if you cannot afford the Standard Attendee ticket price, please give what you can and join us for this celebration of our community. You may also use this option if you would like to donate more than the Standard Attendee.) Proceeds go to covering mandala materials, our ceremony leader and refreshments.

Please contact Tiffane at if you have questions about the mandala process or what items are appropriate to bring to the ceremony.