.Hi Friends,

We recently discovered that the website updates were not happening so the blog is a bit stale, our apologies.   We have been busy working on big improvements to our online presence, including better online shopping experience.  We hope to have it launched before the end of the month.

Since our last post it's been a blur of activities.  We added new staff to the parlor.  Jolene & Jeff have been working hard and are all up to speed so stop in and say hello.  

In May,  I dragged my hubby across the country to see the all the spectacle that is Brimfield.  It didn't disappoint and boy the treasures I saw there.  I brought back some spectacular pieces!  Including some antique museum wet specimens.  They are from the mid to late 1700s from Czechoslovakia or Poland.  They are now my most prized pieces in the parlor.  We have 3 antique anatomical wall charts from the late 1700s as well.  Definitely have to see these in person to appreciate them, so stop by and ask us about them.

When we got back we had so much fun at our Alice In Wonderland 3rd Friday event for May.  

Then almost immediately we were preparing for Crypticon.  It was great seeing so many familiar faces.  Plus, I met Elvira, herself!  It was a dream come true.

Now we are in preparation for our big 2 year anniversary.  More to come on that soon.  Well that should catch you all up to this point.  Stay tuned friends!