.This upcoming 3rd Friday in February, we are proud to  be exhibiting select images from the childhood fear series After Dark, My Sweet by world famous Horror photographer and Kansas City resident Joshua Hoffine.
We are also proud to feature the beautiful bone jewelry and witty rogue ducklings of  mixed-media artist Jen Hoffine, wife to Joshua Hoffine.
A friend and frequent visitor to Noir Arts & Oddities, Mr. Hoffine’s elaborate and terrifying photographs have been published in over 150 countries around the world, from The New York Times and The London Times, to the National Opera of Paris and Russian Playboy.  Due to the viral nature of his work, the reclusive Mr. Hoffine is one of the most recognized artists on the planet, despite the fact that the he has never published a book, nor exhibited his work in a gallery.

The exhibition starts at 6pm and runs until 9pm at the parlor at 1609 W. 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111.