Hello Strangers!  

.Hi Friends,

We recently discovered that the website updates were not happening so the blog is a bit stale, our apologies.   We have been busy working on big improvements to our online presence, including better online shopping experience.  We hope to have it launched before the end of the month.

Since our last post it's been a blur of activities.  We added new staff to the parlor.  Jolene & Jeff have been working hard and are all up to speed so stop in and say hello.  

In May,  I dragged my hubby across the country to see the all the spectacle that is Brimfield.  It didn't disappoint and boy the treasures I saw there.  I brought back some spectacular pieces!  Including some antique museum wet specimens.  They are from the mid to late 1700s from Czechoslovakia or Poland.  They are now my most prized pieces in the parlor.  We have 3 antique anatomical wall charts from the late 1700s as well.  Definitely have to see these in person to appreciate them, so stop by and ask us about them.

When we got back we had so much fun at our Alice In Wonderland 3rd Friday event for May.  

Then almost immediately we were preparing for Crypticon.  It was great seeing so many familiar faces.  Plus, I met Elvira, herself!  It was a dream come true.

Now we are in preparation for our big 2 year anniversary.  More to come on that soon.  Well that should catch you all up to this point.  Stay tuned friends!


Join us in the parlor this evening and meet Steven Wilson! 6-9pm tonight!  #3rdfridayatnoir #39thstreetwest #3rdfridayson39th #stevenwilson #lovecraftian #shadowoverinnsmouth

March 3rd Friday Event ~ Imaginings Of H. P. Lovecraft

March we celebrate the dark artistry of this master or horror fiction. Howard Phillip Lovecraft, an American Author, was relatively unknown in his time but is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors in his genre.  The parlor will be open until 9pm .

We will feature local photographer Steven Wilson, who specializes in wet plate collodion process. His recent collaboration with horror photographer, Joshua Hoffine, was on Lovecraft's Shadow of Innsmouth, where Steven used wet plate collodion processes to create stunning photos of the creatures that are featured therein. These images as well as other prints are a part of his "My Little Odd Ones" collection and will be available in the parlor. Please check out his website to see more of his incredible work.


#3rdfridayatnoir #39thstreetwest #3rdfridayson39th #stevenwilson #wetplatephotography #wetplatecollodion #hplovecraft #shadowoverinnsmouth #theinnsmouthlook

3rd Friday Is Tomorrow!!! Don't Miss Hoffine & Hoffine

Tomorrow evening is going to be an incredible 3rd Friday event!! Come meet the world famous and Kansas City's own Joshua Hoffine!  He will be in the parlor representing his and his lovely wife's creations. Rogue taxidermy and gorgeous bone jewelry by Jen and there will be prints and limited edition pieces available.   You won't want to miss out on this rare opportunity to chat with this talented man.  Here about his up and coming projects first hand. Plus it's going to 70 degrees!! #3rdfridayatnoir #joshuahoffine #joshuahoffinesphotography #prettylittledeadthings #horrorphotography #bonejewely #roguetaxidermy #justjenshow #70degreesinfebruary #39thstreetwest #3rdfridayson39th

February's 3rd Friday Event ~ Creative Hearts: Hoffine & Hoffine

.This upcoming 3rd Friday in February, we are proud to  be exhibiting select images from the childhood fear series After Dark, My Sweet by world famous Horror photographer and Kansas City resident Joshua Hoffine.
We are also proud to feature the beautiful bone jewelry and witty rogue ducklings of  mixed-media artist Jen Hoffine, wife to Joshua Hoffine.
A friend and frequent visitor to Noir Arts & Oddities, Mr. Hoffine’s elaborate and terrifying photographs have been published in over 150 countries around the world, from The New York Times and The London Times, to the National Opera of Paris and Russian Playboy.  Due to the viral nature of his work, the reclusive Mr. Hoffine is one of the most recognized artists on the planet, despite the fact that the he has never published a book, nor exhibited his work in a gallery.

The exhibition starts at 6pm and runs until 9pm at the parlor at 1609 W. 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111.  

Sale Friday 2/5 Through Sunday 2/6

Almost everything in the parlor is 10% off this weekend!! Some exclusions apply. #noirartsandoddities #onlymemorablegifts #whatswaitingforyouintheparlor #odditieskc #noirsale #weirdkc

First Year Medical Students Visit

Crowded morning in the parlor!  We love it when the medical students come to visit!  Drop by and learn about the sphenoid bone! We are open until 6pm tonight!! #firstyearmedicalstudents #learning #medicalspecimens #medicaloddities #medicalantiques #bones #brains #anatomicaldrawing #anatomy #sphenoidbone

Jareth Is In The Parlor

We just got a bunch more David Bowie as Jareth candles from Kitschup creations in!!! We sold our last batch in a day so you'd better hurry in before they're gone!

Vintage And Handmade Jewelry

Looking for a dark and romantic gift for that special someone?  We have a wide selection of jewelry for both women and men.  Here are a few highlights.  #noirartsandoddities #valentinesday #artdeco #handmade #local #vintagejewelry #darkandromantic #onlymemorablegifts

Edgar Allan Poe's 207th Birthday  ~ 3rd Friday Event

We are so excited for our January 3rd Friday event.  We will be celebrating a legendary author/poet near and dear to our heart, Edgar Allan Poe.  We will have the incredibly talented artist Bryan Fyffe with us and you will have the opportunity to take a selfie with an Edgar Allan Poe impersonator.  There will be many Poe inspired treasures  and refreshments available in the parlor from 6pm - 9pm.  For more details please see the Facebook event page at  https://www.facebook.com/events/1053094028084463/

3rd Friday - Edgar Allan Poe's 207th Birthday

Just a peek at a few of the pre Poe treasure Just in the parlor!  Festivities begin at 6pm - 9pm. Poe selfies available starting at 6:30pm. #noirartsandoddities #edgarallanpoe #happybirthdayedgarallanpoe #selfieswithpoe #poesintheparlor #3rdfridayatnoir #39thstreetwest #3rdfridayson39th #keepitcreepykc #weirdkc #raven #taletellheart #thegoldbug

Happy Anniversary To Vincent

The parlor is open today until 6! Stop in and wish Vincent happy 1 year anniversary.  Lots of great new treasures are in the parlor. Come see what's waiting for you in the parlor! #noirartsandoddities #vincent #selfieswithvincent #whatswaitingforyouintheparlor #weirdkc #keepitcreepykc #odditieskc #happynewyear #naruralscience #medicalspecimen #medicalantiques #odditieskc #noir2016

Happy New Year Friends

Happy New Year from the parlor!! Thanks for an incredible 2015. We look forward to seeing your faces in 2016! #noirartsandoddities #happynewyear #noir2016 #weirdkc #odditieskc #whatswaitingforyouintheparlor #keepitcreepykc

Vintage Human Brain Specimen

We are excited to share this vintage human brain specimen from the late 1930s-40s.  It was from a retiring doctor's collection.  We acquired this for a friends collection but we may have a few more of these specimens.  They are extremely rare in this condition.  Please message us if you are interested. #noirartsandoddities #humanbrain #vintagemedical #medicalspecimen #odditieskc #weirdkc #macabre #itsreal #brainzzzz

December 26th Hours

Hope you all had a great holiday, the parlor will be open tomorrow from 2-6pm.  Stop in and get yourself the gift you really wanted for Christmas. #noirartsandoddities #alliwantforchristmas #didntgetwhatiwanted #weirdkc #odditieskc

Open Tomorrow 12-5

We are open tomorrow from 12-5pm for your last minute gift shopping needs!!  Unusual ornaments,  accessories and antiques make the perfect statement gift they won't forget! #noirartsandoddities #holidays2015 #unusalgifts #uniquegifts #onlymemorablegifts #weirdkc #odditieskc #noirsale #naruralscience #historylover #artbooks

Creepy Christmas Treats

Spiced Cider and Holly Bone Wreath treats are being put out for our Creepy Christmas 3rd Friday event!!  Stop in for a bite and wrap up that last minute shopping! We are doing a drawing for a Noir mystery box!  #noirartsandoddities #holidays2015 #creeychristmas #odditieskc #weirdkc #39thstreetwest #3rdfridayatnoir

Celebrate A Creepy Little Christmas With Us Tonight

Butterflies, moths and insects are 10%off for our Creepy Christmas 3rd Friday event tonight 5-9!  Great deals throughout the parlor tonight. We are doing a drawing for a Noir mystery box!  #noirartsandoddities #holidays2015 #creeychristmas #odditieskc #weirdkc #39thstreetwest #3rdfridayatnoir

Wet Specimens Galore Under $30

New selection of wet specimens all under $30!! #noirartsandoddities #holidays2015 #unusalgifts #uniquegifts #onlymemorablegifts #weirdkc #odditieskc #noirsale #naruralscience #naturesoddities